Fur Babies

Kissy Face

Kissy Face is our resident kitty here at Catitude! Don't let her grumpy face fool you. She loves hooman pets and cuddles! No matter the price, she is not up for adoption :(


Creamsicle is a loving and playful mommy kitty. Her favorite toy is your hands. She is very rare because she is a rare girl orange tabby. 


Georgia is the grumpiest old woman at only 3 years old. She loves to sun bathe and sleep. Her favorite place to hang out is the top of kitty towers because she is a queen.


Gravel is our second grumpy lady. Despite her grumpy attitude, Gravel has a soft spot for special hoomans. Her favorite thing is to let the other kitties know who is boss.


Domino is a shy, loving momma kitty. She is one of our many black cats. You can tell her apart by her super soft furr. Domino likes to find hiding spots and play. 


Oldham is a very sweet and playful kitty. He is one of the tuxedo kitties at Catitude. His diamond white spot is what tells him apart from the others. His favorite toy is the laser pointer!


Oreo is a shy kitty full of surprises! Her favorite napping spot is in a kitty tower. Occasionally she will come out and go crazy with all the toys. She especially likes the mice. 


Cocoa is one of our many orange cats. You can tell him apart by the small bump at the end of his tail. He is super cuddly and loves to play with the tiny pink pom pom balls. 


Beck is another black kitty! Don't be fooled by her constant look of concern. She is a very sweet baby. He loves the fishing pole toys and to snuggle hoomans. 


Missy is the most gorgeous calico around! Her favorite things include lounging and having her picture taken. She is the Barney Stinson of Catitude!


Salem would be the best fit for any witchy hooman. She looks just like the kitty from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The white spot on her chest makes her stand out from the rest. 


Sable is another tuxedo kitty. The dot on his lip and his nose is what sets him apart. You will find Sable in a kitty bed or playing with a fishing pole toy. 


Apple is an oldie but a goodie. She is 13 years old and loves to nap. When she is awake she loves to sit on the blue chair and receive tons of attention!


Amelia is skittish but loiving. she is part Maine Coon. Her ideal hooman is kind and patient. If you hold your hand out she will walk to you and give you lots of loves!


Houdini is a complete escape artist. He finds all the best hiding spots. He loves to cuddle and show off how sweet he is! His favorite treat is catnip.


Artic is our white furred baby that loves head rubs! His favorite things include napping, giving humans kisses, and playing with Snpachat filters. 


Cia is our beautiful, chunky, black and white kitty. You will find her napping in a basket, or hanging out with Oreo. Her favorite hobbies are sleeping and cuddling!


Fudgey is our biggest black kitty. He is part rag doll and LOVES to talk. His favorite place to hang out is on the ottoman in the red room or right by the door!

Sir Meowington Binx

Binx is our smallest and youngest black kitty. He loves to snuggle with people and play with all his friends! His favorite toy is any of the fishing pole toys. 


Clove is a relaxed kitty cat. You will usually find her napping on top of a kitty tower or chasing the infamous red dot.. Her best friend is Amelia!


Auburn is our second youngest baby! She is a very sweet playful bubs. Her favorite games are soccer and chasing the red dot. She will also snuggle with you all day.


Pilgrim is a snuggly cuddle monster. You will fall in love with his sad eyes and playful attitude. He loves to play in the kitty tunnel and with fishing pole toys.


Freeze is one of our small black kitties. He has a shy personality. He loves getting cuddles from people and observing all the crazy kitties through the day. 

Kitty Cuddling School Students


Striper is and adorable, shy, grey tabby. He is slowly coming out of his shell and will be out and about in the kitty lounge soon!