Fur Babies

Kissy Face

Kissy Face is our resident kitty here at Catitude! Don't let her grumpy face fool you. She loves hooman pets and cuddles! No matter the price, she is not up for adoption :(


Creamsicle is a loving and playful mommy kitty. Her favorite toy is your hands. She is very rare because she is a rare girl orange tabby. 


Georgia is the grumpiest old woman at only 3 years old. She loves to sun bathe and sleep. Her favorite place to hang out is the top of kitty towers because she is a queen.


Gravel is our second grumpy lady. Despite her grumpy attitude, Gravel has a soft spot for special hoomans. Her favorite thing is to let the other kitties know who is boss.


Domino is a shy, loving, but super sassy momma kitty. She is one of our many black cats. You can tell her apart by her super soft furr. Domino likes to find hiding spots and play. 


Oreo is a shy kitty full of surprises! Her favorite napping spot is in a kitty tower. Occasionally she will come out and go crazy with all the toys. She especially likes the mice. 


Sable is another tuxedo kitty. The dot on her lip and his nose is what sets her apart. You will find Sable in a kitty bed or playing with a fishing pole toy. 


Amelia is skittish but loiving. She is part Maine Coon. Her ideal hooman is kind and patient. If you hold your hand out she will walk to you and give you lots of loves!


Arctic is our white furred baby that loves head rubs! His favorite things include napping, giving humans kisses, and playing with snapchat filters.


Blaze is a light colored baby. He will go crazy for a laser. His squeaky meow will win over any person's heart. You will usually find him in the main lobby area with his brother Glory


Glory is a light colored kitty with  grey markings. He is the shy brother of Blaze. He loves to play with the kitty ball towers and loves to snuggle!


Cia is our beautiful, chunky, black and white kitty. You will find her napping in a basket, or hanging out with Oreo. Her favorite hobbies are sleeping and cuddling!

Sir Meowington Binx

Binx is our smallest and youngest black kitty. He loves to snuggle with people and play with all his friends! His favorite toy is any of the fishing pole toys. 


Clove is a relaxed kitty cat. You will usually find her napping on top of a kitty tower or chasing the infamous red dot.. Her best friend is Amelia!


Ernesto is a small orange tabby. He is the two brother of Felipe. He is definitely the rugged fun loving of the two. He enjoys running around and pouncing!


Felipe is an orange tabby. He is the sensitive twin brother of Ernesto. He is more of a lover and will snuggle you like there is no tomorrow. He is definitely a lap cat.


Carol is our black and white wild child. Her favorite activities include running around, jumping over other kitties, and chasing herself into tunnels. You'll find her all over the place. (Because of this she is really hard to photograph so we apologize for the sub par photo)

Even more Fur Babies...


Rize is a calico tortoiseshell mix! She is the biggest cuddle buddy around. She loves getting attention from humans and has a very playful side! You'll find her walking all around!


McIntosh a grey kitty with mittens and a mustache. While he is a shier kitty, he still loves to be pet. You will find him in a kitty tower in the blue room!

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan is a sweet, black, fluffy baby. He loves lounging around the kitty lounge showing off how majestic he is. He loves the attention of all the humans!


Violet is a small light colored calico kitty. She has the sweetest personality and will love you unconditionally. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle and take naps.


Sputnick is our biggest orange tabby. His beautiful cinnamon roll marks make him unique. While he is not a fan of most cats, he loves humans more than anything.


Sage is our chunky but funky sandy grey tabby! She loves naps, snuggles, and lounging around showing off her belly. You will usually find her in a shelf in the red room.

Kitty Cuddling School Students


Striper is and adorable, shy, grey tabby. He is slowly coming out of his shell and will be out and about in the kitty lounge soon! He is currently at an off-site foster home, if you'd like to meet him contact our Adoption Manager!