Fur Babies

Kissy Face

Kissy Face is our resident kitty here at Catitude! Don't let her grumpy face fool you. She loves hooman pets and cuddles! No matter the price, she is not up for adoption :(


JD is our house panther! While he has a feisty side, his adorable meow and loving leg wuzzles make him a great cat for anyone who loves a man with catitude! 


Georgia is the grumpiest old woman at only 3 years old. She loves to sun bathe and sleep. Her favorite place to hang out is the top of kitty towers because she is a queen.


Gravel is our second grumpy lady. Despite her grumpy attitude, Gravel has a soft spot for special hoomans. Her favorite thing is to let the other kitties know who is boss.


Domino is a shy, loving, but a little sassy  momma kitty. She is one of our many black cats. You can tell her apart by her super soft furr. Domino loves treats, so watch out if you purchase a tree bag! She will be your best friend! 


Oreo is a shy kitty full of surprises! Her favorite napping spot is in a kitty tower. Occasionally she will come out and go crazy with all the toys. She especially likes the mice. 


Sable is another tuxedo kitty. The dot on her lip and his nose is what sets her apart. You will find Sable in a kitty bed or playing with a fishing pole toy. 


Arctic is our white furred baby that loves head rubs! His favorite things include napping, giving humans kisses, and playing with snapchat filters.


Blaze is a light colored baby. He will go crazy for a laser. His squeaky meow will win over any person's heart. Blaze has been adopted and will be with us until August! We are so happy to get some extra kitty snuggles in! 


Abigail is our oldest kitty at 15 years old! She isn't the biggest fan of other kitties, but at 15 years old who can blame her? She LOVES humans though, come get some super sweet cuddles! 


Foxy is our winking kitty! She unfortunately lost her eye to an untreated eye infection that was present at the time of her surrender, but that doesnt slow her down! Catnip, wuzzles, and being adorable are some of her favorite things!


You will always hear this 2 year old tabby before you see her! She loves to tell everyone EVERYTHING. Also if she falls asleep on your lap then you will be stuck there for hours! 


Cia is our beautiful, chunky, black and white kitty. You will find her napping in a basket, or hanging out with Oreo. Her favorite hobbies are sleeping and cuddling!


Gardenia is our smallest and youngest black kitty. While she is 2 years old, she plays like a kitten! To tell her apart from the other black kitties, look for the white spots on top of her ears! 


Charlie loves everyone especially kids and dogs! His little half tail was a product of being a feral kitten, but it doesnt slow him down! This climber can always be found in someones lap looking for love!

Ernesto and Felipe

These small orange tabby brothers are a bonded pair, meaning they must be adopted together! They both love belly rubs, purple mice, and to groom each other! Ernesto has a notch in his ear while Felipe has a slight scar on his lip! 


This sweet, medium haired calico is not only gorgeous but also cuddly! She loves napping and getting chin scratches! She will steal your heart as she purrs in your lap!! 


Taco is a very loving and adventurous orange tabby with amber eyes! He will follow you around and rub against your legs nonstop! He is currently rocking a shaved butt and tail, but he works it! 


Earl is special because he has 6 PAWS!! not toes- full paws. He has an extra ankle joint attached to both of his front paws, which has 4 extra toes! That means 2 paws with 8 toes, and then the back paws have an extra toe! He's a little self conscious about them, but if you have treats he will show them off alllll day! 


McIntosh a grey kitty with mittens and a mustache. While he is a shier kitty, he still loves to be pet. You will find him in a kitty tower in the blue room! He is brothers with Thunder and McGruffin! 


A very shy, but loving sandy orange tabby! He is brothers with McIntosh and Thunder, he breaks the mold of the grey! 


Another sortie that has a lot of Catitude, but we love her! Wicket loves chin scratches, but you have to come to her for them.


Sage is our chunky but funky sandy grey tabby! She loves naps, snuggles, and lounging around showing off her belly. You will usually find her in a shelf in the red room.


Lightning is not related to Thunder at all, they just both had awful names and we were listening to Imagine Dragons... But Lightning loves snuggles! he will greet you in the main lobby and show you his belly! 


Don't let this phot fool you, Honey is super sweet! This 7 year old large grey tortie is the sweetest kitty ever. Want to hear her purr? Scratch the base of her tail and her motor will go!  

Donovan and Jill- ADOPTED

Both of these sweat babies are adopted into their furever homes! They can always be found under the coffee table, snuggled together asleep! Their new names will be Dwight and Angela (which we LOVE)


This sweet boy looovvveesss everything from head butts to nose touches! He will follow you from room to room and then paw your leg to be picked up! Someone please adopt him before we keep him furever! 


This little calico is the goofiest cat we have ever seen! It is impossible to get a photo of her, so this is the least blurry one we had. She loves to play and run in circles! 


Erin is very jumpy at first, but once she knows you are there then she will be all purrs! She does have a Urinary Bladder Condition, so whoever adopts her will need to put her on a special diet! 


A large orange and white tabby who loooovvveeess the sunlight! you can always find him lounging in the sun or on occasion chasing a mouse toy! 


As a Maine Coon and Calico mix, Gizzie is VERY particular about her fluffy fur! She loves sleeping in the top of our 6 foot cat tree and bathing herself alll day!